About us

Cinat marketing and consults limited is a sales and marketing company bridging the gap between the sellers and their potential buyer. We are a company that looks for market for all products stuck in stores, establish advertisement clients, sell goods and services on behalf of other companies and more agenda relating to that field. We also do brand building, personal brand management, organize and manage marketing and promotions activities plus establishing potential markets for importers and exporters. We are business brand managers and product brand promoters operating in Uganda as our head office with partners in Europe, middle east and Asia. Our business activity is categorized into three; marketing , selling and consultancy on policy and methodologies.

Our vision

To be the world’s market management master enabling sales and profits for all producers of goods and services while extending valuable consultancy services to policy makers and business owners.


To  establish markets, build reputable brands and grow sales  for all products and services locally and internationally while providing policy development projects to all our partners and clients.